NIPSA Slams Attack on Public Service Pensions

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10 March 2011

NIPSA General Secretary, Brian Campfield said:

“These announcements today along with what Hutton proposed in his first report, including significant increases in employee contributions, seriously devalue the pension rights of public servants. The recommendations in this report together with what the Government did in changing indexation from RPI to CPI could cost as much as 25% in pension values.”

Today’s Hutton Commission report proposed an end to final salary schemes, increasing the age of retirement and further controls on the limit for Employer contributions.

NIPSA Assistant General Secretary, Bumper Graham said:

“Public Service Pensions were updated and changed in 2007 following negotiations, as a result total public servants contributions went up by as much as 17.5%. The cost to the taxpayer has been reduced by 15%, those changes provided for stability what we now face is that agreement being shredded. At a time of pay cuts, increased taxation and rampant inflation public servants cannot afford to be paying more for less in their pensions.”

The Hutton proposals received an angry response from public service unions, Bumper Graham continued;

“It is clear that the scapegoating of public servants continues and that their pensions are now the next target. NIPSA is in discussions with other public service unions and our aim is to stop this assault on pensions, should the Government not listen they face the prospect of industrial action across all of the public services.”

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