NIPSA Calls on Executive to Revisit Budget

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16 February 2011


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In its response to the draft NI Budget, NIPSA Northern Ireland’s largest trade union today called on the Northern Ireland Executive to join with the other devolved administrations to lead a campaign against the need for the levels of cuts being enforced by the Westminster Con/Lib Government.

NIPSA General Secretary, Brian Campfield, said:-

“If the Westminster Government and the devolved administrations jointly tackled the £120bn (per annum) loss to the public purse of avoided and evaded tax there would be no need to be forcing through cuts that will see thousands more job losses in Northern Ireland and the associated curtailment of essential public services.

The current NI Budget consultation is akin to asking the Northern Ireland public which limbs they consider should be amputated and which should be saved.”

In its detailed budget submission NIPSA expressed concern on a range of issues, including:-

  • The impact of the freeze on Regional Rates from 2008-11;
  • Sought confirmation that water charges are abandoned and not just postponed;
  • Queried the reality of the Revenue Raising proposals;
  • Questioned what the Executive was doing to renegotiate costly PFI/PPP deals; and
  • Raised serious concerns over the inadequacy of the budget consultation process.

Brian Campfield said:-

“The NI draft budget does not lend itself to proper analysis and comment. The associated Departmental Plans are by and large meaningless and the whole process would not pass any objective test of reasonableness. This budget is about masking and hiding the tens of thousands of job losses that will happen over the next four years and about disguising the demolition of our public services.”



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