November 30th Strike

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01 December 2011

The purpose of this short bulletin is to congratulate and thank all members who supported yesterday’s strike action and took a stand in the face of the government’s unjust attack on their pensions, pay and jobs.

Many members will have taken strike action for the first time and we hope that the experience was uplifting and inspirational. The solidarity demonstrated has been an inspiration and it will have contributed to strengthening our ability to act not only on our own behalf but to challenge injustice and unfairness in the workplace and beyond.

NIPSA and the trade union movement generally are giving consideration to how the campaign can be developed and strengthened in order to force a change in the direction of those policies which are resulting in an attack on our pensions, our pay and the jobs of public servants not only in Northern Ireland but across the UK.

The participation of such a large number of members on picket lines, in rallies and other important activities such as leafleting, texting, telephoning the media, doing interviews, using social media outlets, etc increases the opportunity for members who are not yet NIPSA representatives to volunteer to act in such a capacity.

The experience, commitment and creativity displayed by all members involved in the day’s activities should be harnessed to further build and strengthen the union and our forceful representation of the interests of public sector workers in our dealings with both the employers and the NI Executive.

Finally, thank you again for all your work leading up to the 30th November strike and the magnificent solidarity displayed on the day.

Brian Campfield

General Secretary

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