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10 November 2011

As you will be aware NIPSA branches have carried out sterling work over the last number of weeks encouraging members to vote "yes" in the industrial action ballot and recruiting non members into the union. The result of the ballot is testament to this work as is the fact that over 500 new members have been recruited to NIPSA during the same period.

There is still an opportunity to enlist into NIPSA membership (in advance of the 30th November strike day) public servants who are not yet members of a trade union.

Branches will, over the coming weeks, be working hard to ensure that there is an impressive turn out on 30th November. It also provides an excellent opportunity to approach non members and ask them to join NIPSA. While some public sector employees will for a variety of reasons not be persuaded to join the union, surveys have shown that people haven’t joined the union in their workplace simply because they have never been approached or asked to join.

Attached is a supply of a newly published NIPSA recruitment leaflet. In addition to material previously distributed to branches this leaflet can be used to renew approaches to non members. The leaflet focuses on the importance of joining NIPSA in the lead up to the 30th November.

I appreciate that many branch activists have been working flat out but I would hope that you will recognise that increasing the density of NIPSA membership strengthens the union and our ability to defend members’ pensions, pay and jobs.

Further supplies of the leaflet can be obtained by contacting Lesley-Anne Scott at NIPSA HQ:

Yours sincerely


General Secretary

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