Preparatory Action for NIPSA Industrial Action Ballot

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29 September 2011

As you are aware from NIPSA bulletin A/13/11 the NIPSA industrial action ballot commences on Monday, 10 October 2011. Members should start to receive ballot papers during that week. Most ballots are cast in the first week of any industrial action ballot and it is essential that branch representatives intervene during this period to encourage as many members as possible to vote “yes” to both questions on the ballot paper; that means “yes” to strike action and “yes” to action short of strike action.

In order to improve the effectiveness of our efforts to secure a "yes" vote branches are asked to organise events outside their workplaces to highlight the ballot and the union’s recommendation to members.

These events should preferably take place on the Friday immediately before the commencement of the ballot ie 7 October 2011.

While branches will determine the exact detail of these events ie timing, etc the objective is to ensure that we are engaged in visible public activity to which members can relate and which will increase their awareness of the need to vote "yes". On a number of previous occasions branches have been asked to leaflet the public outside offices at lunch time or at the start of the working day, using NIPSA flags, posters and other materials to get our message across.

Branches are asked to organise the activity on Friday, 7 October 2011 along similar lines, only communicating with members is the objective on this occasion.  This does not take away from the need to leaflet and talk to members on a one to one basis or at meetings within each workplace. This is to supplement that activity.

A special leaflet is being produced by NIPSA for distribution on the 7 October and this will be distributed to branches in advance. Alternatively branches can make arrangements to collect the leaflets at NIPSA HQ by contacting Lesley-Anne Scott.

Other materials including posters and stickers will also be available.


Brian Campfield

General Secretary

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