NIPSA Slams Handling of Local Council Shake-Up

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27 May 2010

NIPSA which represents not only the Local Council employees but also the Staff due to transfer from the Civil Service and other Sectors into Local Government claimed that Staff morale in Councils and in the transferring functions was at rock bottom.

NIPSA Assistant General Secretary Bumper Graham said: “For almost a decade these workers have had an uncertain future, the Review of Public Administration (RPA) was to have been a short sharp refocusing of the public service structures. Instead we have had a series of stop-go announcements political posturing and millions wasted on Consultants. NIPSA is demanding that an announcement is made today and that immediate intensive negotiations are held with the Union to protect the interests of Staff and to ensure that essential public services are not further damaged.” The original plan was to move to new Council Structures in 2009 and this was pushed back to May 2011. Bumper Graham said:

“We know of the plan to defer to 2015 and believe that 2011 in wholly unworkable, what we need is a clear definitive announcement not just on 2015 but what may be in the Minister’s plans ahead of any formal reorganisation of Councils. NIPSA has made it clear that we will take every measure necessary to protect members jobs, terms and conditions and to ensure that all the services continue to be delivered by Public Servants within the Public Sector.”


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