Global Solidarity

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NIPSA Global Solidarity Promoting Solidarity, Equality and Social Justice

NIPSA’s Global Solidarity Committee (previously named the Developing World Committee) was established in 1993 along with the NIPSA Developing World Fund. The Fund aims to relieve in any part of the world persons suffering from poverty, sickness or distress, to advance for the public benefit the education of the inhabitants of impoverished countries so that their conditions of life may be improved. 

The NIPSA Global Solidarity Committee comprise of 10 elected NIPSA members who are recognised for their contribution and interest in advancing international development and poverty reduction issues.

The aims of the Committee are as follows:

  • Promote development education among NIPSA members with the aim of mainstreaming development education and solidarity issues and encouraging action by learners that will effect positive change not only locally but globally.

  • Develop relationships with development NGO’s on relevant issues with a view to collaborating on campaigns.

  • Monitor the activities of indigenous Multi National Companies in developing countries in relation to trade union rights.

  • Disseminate information highlighting the effects of poverty, injustices and inequality throughout the world.

  • Manage the NIPSA Developing World Fund.

  • Advise the General Council on appropriate lobbying and campaigning issues and actions.

  • Promote the defence of trade union human rights internationally.


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